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  • ‘Easy Steps to Natural Healing’ book

    Posted on November 7, 2013 by in Publishing

    Easy-Steps-to-Natural-Healing-(cover)‘Easy Steps to Natural Healing’

    Author(s): Rosalind Widdowson & Chrissie Coburn-Krzowska & Swami Tantramurti Saraswati

    Published by: Regency House Publishing 1995 & 2000

    ISBN: 1-85627-719-4      ISBN: 1-84067-1084


    Easy Steps to Natural Healing (Healing Touch) Swami Tantramurti Saraswati & healer Chrissie Coburn-Krzowska

    I have compiled ‘Easy Steps to Natural Healing’ with the help of my partner Swami Tantramurti Saraswati and dear friend Chrissie Coburn-Krzowska.  She is an international healer, valued for her down-to-earth approach.  We agreed right from the beginning that this book would not be dogmatic with repetitive do’s and don’ts.  The outline we felt would be most helpful to the novice was one that gave practical information.

    We wanted to reflect the sense of freedom, free-will and fun which is a key part of our approach to life.  This does not mean the book is without firm foundations for we have been involved with health and healing for many years.  Our aim is to take the dogma and ‘preciousness’ out of healing, especially the myth that it can only be achieved by the expert practitioner.  We hope you will be inpired to use the ideas as tools for your own processes and practices.

    “The best things in life are freed.”

    Once you loosen up and start to look at basic ways of helping yourself and others, your whole philosophy of life will take on a new dimension.  Most of us are struggling to find freedom in our lives in one form or another – freedom from too much work or too little work, illness, poverty, restrictive and insatisfactory relatonships, etc.  What we are offering is a chance to enjoy, experience and experiment with ways in which you can lighten up and look at life with a broader vision.

    We are offering a way to observe yourself and others in a new light.  Not with a critical eye but rather a constructive one in which you can improve what you have rather then grieve over what you have not.  It offers an opportunity to tsake a good look at the root causes of problems and why you have certain illnesses, then to work out an appropriate healing practise to suit your needs.  The easy step-by-step format will help you to heal various aspects of your mind, body, emotions or spirit. (Rosalind Widdowson)

    Natural Health, Whatever Works


    Easy Steps to Natural HealingMedicine Buddha – courtesy of Chrissie Coburn-Kryzowska

    The Nature of Suffering

    (Guide to preventing & Healing Burn-Out)

    The Healer-Patient Relationships

    (Curing & Healing)


    Easy Steps to Natural Healing – Cleansing & Protection

    Healing Exercises in Nature

    (Standing Meditation Healing Practise, Using the Breath)


    Easy Steps to Natural Healing – Meditation

    Healing The Mind

    (Relaxing/Stilling Your Mind, Meditation to Aid Single Pointed Attention, The Relative & Ultimate View of the Mind, The Power of Positive Thinking, Assertiveness, Mind Your Language, Conservation Observation, Accommodation rather than Compromise)

    Healing Your Relationships

    (Relationships with Partners, Heartache & Heartbreak, Relationships with Children, Relationships with Parents, Co-Listening)

    Healing Your Emotions

    Healing Your Body


    Easy Steps to Natural Healing – Healing Through Your Senses

    Healing Through Your Senses

    (Hearing, Sight, Touch, Smell & Taste, Ideal Food Combinations)


    Easy Steps to Natural Healing – Healing Herbs

    Herbal & Flower First Aid


    Easy Steps to Natural Healing – Healing Your Environment

    Healing Your Environment

    Exploring Your Subtle Healing Energies

    Healing Your Life

    (Preparation of the Room, Preparation of the Body, Sitting Positions & Postures, Sitting on a Chair, Visualisation, Checking the Body Tension, Stabilizing of the Breath, Meditation on Giving & Receiving, Meditation on Kindness, Tong-Len Meditation)

    Chrissie Coburn-Krzowska

    Chrissie S. Coburn-Krzowska CGCI, BA, BA(Hons) doctorate of Naturopathy, Member of the Natural Medicines Society, Full Healer-Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, Member of the World Federation of Healers, Qualified in Reiki – Usui Shiko Ryoho System of Healing, Trained as ‘Avatar’.  Has been a natural healer since a child and a full-time professional for the last 12 years.  Worked extensively with Native American healers and her Cherokee name is ‘Ge-tsi-nv-si-dv‘ (‘she who has been sent to us’).  Co-founder and Principal of Happy Home Primary School for Tibetan refugees, Kathmandu, Nepal.  Director (TERA) Tibetan Education Refief Association.  Founder Friends of Happy Home (FHH).  UK Director of FOCUS – Friends’ of Children United to Save (in association with Russian International Foundation of New Science (RIFNS) which is the organisation behind direct help for people suffering the effects of Chernobyl.  Tutor of Taiji Quan, Qi Gong, Taiji Qi Gong for 15 years.  Studied in China, USA and Europe with many Chinese and Western masters.  Studied  Hatha & Raja Yoga from the age of 12 years.  Has studied in various Tibetan Buddhist Centres in Nepal, India, Tibet and Europe for 16 years.  Her Tibetan Buddhist dharma name is ‘Karma Yeshe Khandro‘.  Presently engaged in working in a Tibetan refugee centre in the Indian Himalayas as a healer and teacher of Taiji Qi Gong.