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  • Styling Yoga Outfits – Orange is the New Red

    Posted on August 17, 2013 by in Style

    hi-ki-yoga Orange-is-the-New-Red-(shoot)-outfit-00-(final-584x390)

    hi-ki-yoga Ros-Styling-(Orange-is-the-New-Red)

    Once again visiting her extensive wardrobe of outfits for yoga teachers, style-guru Rosalind Widdowson has put together more stunning  looks for Shibumi Studios clients (sizes 6-12).  These dance, pilates and asana outfits should help you to explore your creative spirit.  Yogini Sally Hill kindly once again gave her time (and more wardrobe changes) to showcase a range of looks with a touch of fire.  Photography, (washing up) and post-production by Swami Tantramurti.

    hi-ki-yoga Orange-is-the-New-Red-(shoot)-outfit-01-(final-584x390)

    outfit 01: ‘Hoop-La’, faded-black sleeveless all-in-one crossover back and over-the-knee legs with orange/blue/stone zig-zag voile-patterned sarong as a heady note.

    hi-ki-yoga Orange-is-the-New-Red-(shoot)-outfit-02-(final-584x390)

    outfit 02: ‘Tip-Top’, tangerine-orange short-sleeved over-the-hip tee with toning cotton cap and black lycra leggings.

    hi-ki-yoga Orange-is-the-New-Red-(shoot)-outfit-03-(final-584x390)

    outfit 03: ‘Bamboo Balance’, lightweight crinkle-stretched dress with lining in modern mixed-colour pattern of slate-grey/coral/taupe on a pale cut-bamboo coloured background with matching cummerbund and slate-grey stitched stretched-lycra/cotton leggings.

    hi-ki-yoga Orange-is-the-New-Red-(shoot)-outfit-04-(final-584x390)

    outfit 04: ‘Band of Joy’, tangerine cotton tee with light-grey cotton ‘v’-necked top string straps and toning ‘easy-movement’ cotton straight-legged trousers with soft-coral flower headband.

    hi-ki-yoga Orange-is-the-New-Red-(shoot)-outfit-05-(final-584x390)

    outfit 05: ‘Band on the Run’, ‘favourite’ faded-black all-in-one with crossover back and multi-flowered patterned short fine-cotton gathered skirt, bright orange yoga band can be used as boob-tube, cummerbund or headband.

    hi-ki-yoga Orange-is-the-New-Red-(shoot)-outfit-06-(final-584x390)

    outfit 06: ‘Rise and Shine’, a lively bright orange tee-dress with thin straps and slate-grey over-tee and orange ‘ray’ pattern on the front, toning mid-grey lycra/cotton leggings.

    hi-ki-yoga Orange-is-the-New-Red-(shoot)-outfit-07-(final-584x390)

    outfit 07: ‘Bridge Over Calm Waters’, sleeveless orange tee-dress with lime green/orange/purple ‘free-style’ pattern sleeveless over-tee, styling with toning mid-purple smooth-stretch leggings and orange stretch yoga-band hair scrunchy.

    hi-ki-yoga Orange-is-the-New-Red-(shoot)-outfit-08-(final-584x390)

    outfit 08: ‘Sunshine Surfer’, orange sleeveless tee with black smooth-stretch Lycra leggings and orange stretch yoga-band hair scrunchy.

    hi-ki-yoga Orange-is-the-New-Red-(shoot)-outfit-09-(final-584x390)

    outfit 09: ‘Eagle Alert’, rich orange/red long-sleeved hipster stretch-cotton jumper with low-cut ‘V’-neck, matched with purple velvet stretch-‘skinnies’ and orange stretch yoga-band hair scrunchy.

    hi-ki-yoga Orange-is-the-New-Red-(shoot)-outfit-10-(final-584x390)

    outfit 10: ‘Talking Thai’, satin overdress with muted gold lace trim and burgundy ruffle and light-coral/burgundy ‘smudge’ pattern, toning taupe cashmere-knit leggings and Lyn Antley original jewellery (Egytian Collection).

    hi-ki-yoga Orange-is-the-New-Red-(shoot)-outfit-11-(final-584x390)

    outfit 11: ‘Turkish Delight’, satin sleeveless blouse with front-flowered pattern and toning striped back, taupe cotton jodhpur-style trousers with crossover front and banded soft-stretch ankle/calf detailing for ease of movement.  “Check out the Californian belt with soft coral stones and beaten silver from a travel trip.”

    hi-ki-yoga Orange-is-the-New-Red-(shoot)-outfit-12-(final-584x390)

    outfit 12: ‘Purple Patch’, purple/fuscia swimming costume with detailed diamante embroidered on crossover front and dragonfly brooch, fuscia cotton snug with fitted back, cotton-satin Thai ‘fisherman’s trousers’, cashmere cummerbund in toning shapes of blue/fuscia.

    hi-ki-yoga Orange-is-the-New-Red-(shoot)-outfit-13-(final-584x390)

    outfit 13: ‘Autumn Aubergine’, aubergine long-sleeved cotton easy-stretch dress with toning cotton ‘skinnies’ matched and a soft voile toning sarong as a finishing touch and yoga band valuable aid or light cover for relaxation and meditation at the end of a class.

    hi-ki-yoga Orange-is-the-New-Red-(shoot)-outfit-14-(final-584x390)

    outfit 14: ‘Plum Centre’, stretch-cotton capped-sleeve tee curves easily over the hips a diamante-embroidered front with faded green/grey muted pattern, lycra/cotton mottled-patterned plum-coloured ‘skinnies’.

    hi-ki-yoga onr-lindy-strip-1

    hi-ki-yoga onr-selfie-strip-5-up

    hi-ki-yoga onr-lindy-main-pic-1RED ALERT!!! How often have you hit TKMaxx on a flying trip and seen red or ‘Clockwork Orange’, in this instance.  Before you know it, you’ve gathered momentum, built up steam, fired on all cylinders and tripped into a changing room with enough for the tee and little else!  Well, I’ve found the answer . . . get your clothes off . . . try on your ‘flight of fancy’ clothes and get your camera warmed up for a ‘selfie’.

    When I came off my high, got home and was browsing through the Times Style supplement, I found my check shirt (£24.95) was indeed ‘hip to be square’, the ‘minted’ version coming in at a whacking great £550.  I could save £525 and 5p.  My Red Alert: “I’ve got to have it – make it stop”, served once more and guided me in the right direction . . . in this case straight back to my home-town staging post, TKMaxx.

    hi-ki-yoga onr-lindy-strip-1