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  • Styling Yoga Outfits – All Green Lights

    Posted on August 25, 2013 by in Style

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-frontis-00-(584x437)

    Once again visiting her extensive wardrobe of outfits for yoga teachers, style-guru Rosalind Widdowson has put together more stunning  looks for Shibumi Studios clients (sizes 6-12).  These dance, pilates and asana outfits should help you to explore your creative spirit.  Yogini Sally Hill kindly once again gave her time (and learns about the character of Miyamoto Musashi, the angry samurai and Black Moon’s terrible end) to showcase a range of looks celebrating the vitality of Mother Nature.  Photography, (waitering services) and post-production by Swami Tantramurti.

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-01-(584x437)

    outfit 01: ‘Proud Peacock’, dark turquoise, round-necked, cap-sleeved stretch-lycra tee, hipster-skinnies with leaf & flower pattern on a black background.hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-02-(584x437)

    outfit 02: ‘Greenwood-Ho’, stretch-cotton-lycra dress , ruched on the right side, sleeveless faded-black stitched & quilted leggings.

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-03-(584x437)

    outfit 03: ‘Aztec Jungle’, olive-green cotton sleeveless & scooped-neck tee with bronze & pewter sequined beaded neck-embroidery, stretch-skinnies in mid-green (“light and comfortable”).

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-04-(584x437)

    outfit 04:Sage Expression, sage-green stretch-cotton-lycra mid-thigh-length dress with scooped back, outer shoulder pads embossed with diamantes and pewter beads, toning stretch-lycra leggings with a leather & suede cummerbund belt.

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-05-(584x437)

    outfit 05: ‘Soft Sage’, sage-green mid-thigh length stretch-cotton-lycra dress with scooped back and shoulder pads embossed with diamante & pewter beads, toning lycra stretch-leggings with a leather & suede cummerbund belt.

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-06-(584x437)

    outfit 06: ‘Fresh Stem’, sage-green tee with high neck and laced shoulder seams, three-quarter-length sleeves, faded-olive-green skinnies with stitched-knee detail and brass zips at the ankles.

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-07-(584x437)

    outfit 07: ‘Green Tea’, sage-green stretch-cotton scoop-necked strappy vest, khaki-green skinnies with fresh-green fabric belt, lime-green scarf with fringing.

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-08-(584x437)

    outfit 08: ‘Hawaiian Jungle’, slate-grey and lime-green fern-patterned swimming costume with matching sarong.

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-09-(584x437)

    outfit 09: ‘Jungle Tumbler’, sage-green cotton all-in-one dungaree shorts with zippered side-pockets, ivory rope-belt (“feels very light and comfortable – for a hot work-out in the jungle”)

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-10-(584x437)

    outfit 10: ‘Stationary Figure’, sage-green cropped-sleeve side-zippered small ‘v’-necked linen dress, lime & sage-green thai-silk scarf with fringing and threaded with rose and tangerine highlights.

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-11-(584x437)

    outfit 11: ‘Fresh Green Lotus’, cream leatherette sleeveless scooped-neck top, white jodphur linen trousers with one-size stgretch waist and calf &ankle stretch banding, leaf-green tie-belt, tribal-patterned headscarf in lime-green, leaf-green & grey-green.

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-12-(584x437)

    outfit 12: ‘Fresh Bamboo’, sleeveless cotton tee with palm-frond design, white stretch-skinnies (“hug-fit with plenty of stretch”), cotton head-scarf with printed lime-green & soft-pink floral design.

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-13-(584x437)

    outfit 13: ‘Bamboo Hawaiian’, sage & mustard lycra swimming costume and matching sarong in bamboo-leaf patterns.

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-14-(584x437)

    outfit 14: ‘Black Lotus’, light-olive cap-sleeved & zipped cotton tunic-dress, light-olive long sleeveless asymetrically-hem-cut over-tee with black lotus flower pattern, black skinnies with zip sides.

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-15-(584x437)

    outfit 15: ‘Festival Mufti’, dirty-sage sleeveless scooped-neck stretch-cotton tee, ethnically-styled jacket with hood, dirty-sage on navy cotton pantaloons.

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-16-(584x437)

    outfit 16: ‘Green Lotus’, ‘v’-necked lycra swimming costume  in marble-patterned seal and slate-grey, same-clour footless tights, lightweight voile sarong in mottle-patterned choc in mottled chocolate brown lime-green

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-17-(584x437)

    outfit 17: ‘Ikebana Princess’, warm-taupe scoop-necked long-sleeved gathered-at-wrist stretch-cotton tee dress , green-gold sequined short-sleeved bolero jacket in moulded sequins, toning-taupe cashmere-cotton leggings with gathered ribbed ankle banding. (“Black Lotus harnesing the generative male energies”).

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-18-(584x437)

    outfit 18: ‘Sophisticated Sage’, light-leaf-green and seal-coloured panelled sleeveless cotton dress, milk-chocolate stretch-cotton/lycra leggings  with oval scallop-design detailing.

    hi-ki-yoga all-green-lights-outfit-19-(584x437)

    outfit 19: ‘Mermaid’s Catch’, purple body-hugging long-sleeved stretch-lycra dress with revealing low-cut front, long-sleeved netted-mesh violet-purple-leaf-green cotton jacket, leggings with embossed ‘dainties’ on the calf.

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