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Yoga Classes Kidderminster

If you are looking for yoga classes Kidderminster, you have come to the right place.  Our sole, and prefered venue is The Gainsborough House Hotel, Kidderminster.  Our one-hour classes are held on Tuesday 6pm or  7 pm, with a daytime class on Friday at 10am.


(above) just one of the many different sacred space creations originated fresh each week.

Hi-Ki Yoga classes consist of a one-hour, weekly session, focussed on stretch & relax posture work with breathing and awareness, relaxation and meditation.  Rosalind Widdowson’s creative approach to Yoga ensures the sessions are so much more than just Indian-flavoured exercise.

Hi-Ki Yoga is suitable for all ages, all abilities, all sizes, shapes and levels of fitness and beginners are always welcome.  We have long-term students from 16 years old to 85.  The whole culture of the class is non-competitive and promotes students’ regular and progressive practice to increase physical flexibility, achieve emotional and mental balance and promote healthful living.

By committing an undistracted hour of your week to calming and relaxing yourself, you allow the various parts of your whole self (body, mind and spirit) to come into harmonious balance.  Our aspiration is that, after a class, students feel both relaxed and refreshed, energised and revitalised and are encouraged and inspired to integrate what they have learned and experienced into their daily lives. Hi-Ki Yoga provides a platform to address the elements of life that may be out of balance.  As students achieve a level of self-mastery and self-awareness, the rewards in terms of self-confidence, self-awareness and positive attitude are many fold.

You Bring
Just yourself.  Hi-Ki Yoga provides mats, chairs and a range of props that Ros may choose to use in her always creatively-inventive and instructive classes.  Simply wear non-restrictive clothing that allows for comfortable stretching. We recommend that you wear loose comfortable clothing and work in socks or bare feet.


You might care to bring your own personal blanket. It can be useful to use for postural support or cover during relaxation.

Classes are on-going.  You may join any week. Fees are paid monthly (at a rate of £10 per class) for the class you join and those remaining in that particular month you join.  On-going students are requested to make a standing order (at £40 per month, paid on the 1st of the month) with two free weeks to cater for annual holidays or illness.


All our classes are held at the Gainsborough House Hotel, our favourite venue for the last 35 years.  The hotel is wonderfully appointed and has helpful and supportive staff.  There are plenty of car parking spaces, well-lit in the evening, and the hotel is conveniently adjacent to a Tesco Express and petrol garage at the bottom of Bewdley Hill, Kidderminster.  All classes are held in the Gainsborough Suite on the first floor.

For further information on yoga classes Kidderminster call Tantro or Ros on: 07804-235816.