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  • ‘Yoga Made Easy’ book

    Posted on November 1, 2013 by in Publishing

    Yoga Made Easy (cover)

    ‘Yoga Made Easy’ was the first book that Ros had published (Hamlyn/Octopus) and, as one of the very first colour/pictorial yoga books, it was published continuously for ten years in up to twelve languages.  We’ve seen various cover artworks and the US version was even retitled ‘Joy of Yoga’.

    The UK cover we feature depicts Ros (amazingly seven months pregnant with Emily at the time) performing the most exquisitely-executed back bend.  The shoot took place in her own garden, which even had a lake, and the models were all current students at the time.

    Yoga Made Easy- comb) 1

    You’re probably familiar with the claims.  Maybe you’ve wondered what Yoga could offer.  Thousands have – and then rejected it because the exercises seemed impossible or the eastern promises somehow irrelevant to living in the 1980s.

    Ros Widdowson believes that thousands can’t be wrong.  She saw Yoga teaching which was often unrealistic in its aims and positively rigid in its methods.  And she determined to write a Yoga book for today.

    It’s a book that’s above all accessible: whether you’re old or young, tense or unhappy, sick or disabled, too fat or too thin, this book has something for you.  Specially selected exercise plans for a great variety of complaints and conditions presented in full-colour step-by-step photographs and captions offer attractive easy-to-follow instructions at the pace you choose.

    And, if you still don’t believe Yoga can be made easy, look at the Breathing and Relaxation section which begins on page 15; follow that very simple programme for a month or so and you’re guaranteed to feel better.  Then there’s the shoulder stand prescribed for weight control, where you use a chair for support.  Or the Triangle, which uses a wall.

    Meditation, too, gets the same refreshingly straightforward treatment with the emphasis on practical examples of positive meditation, and a section on Eating for Health completes this commonsense guide to a whole, more complete way of life.