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  • Aerial Yoga – Suspension & Equilibrium

    Posted on January 14, 2013 by in Uncategorized



    Check out the latest in Aerial Yoga. Yogini Ros will be shooting routines shortly. Until then, see what you think of the idea? Does it appeal?

    Loved these videos from Omni-Swing.  They offer a lot of possibilities.


    “Xperience the most, versatile & portable multi-FUNctional device ever created for TOTAL HEALTH A FITNESS with virtually 15 different FUNctions: (1) Anti-Gravity Yoga, (2) Inversion Therapy, (3) Total Home Gym and Weightless Fitness, the most effective (4) Home Rehab device for self-treatment of neck & back pain, (5) Lumbo-Pelvic Traction and (6) Auto-Adjustments of the Spine (ie: a ‘chiropractor in a sling’), and (7) Spinal Decompression Therapy! It’s the coolest (8) Home Gymnastic device for adults as well as the most FUN (9) Jungle Gym for kids (can’t get em off it as they love to spin & bounce). If that wasn’t enough, it makes an ideal partner-play device for either (10) Partner Acro-Yoga maneuvers or as a (11) Tantra Swing , as well as an excellent (12) Hammock or (13) Sky Chair for simple R&R! See more or get your own at”


    Love the music on this last video.  Anyone know what it is?