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All our classes are The Gainsborough House Hotel, Kidderminster (a lovely venue) at 6pm & 7pm on a Tuesday evening or 10am Friday morning.  All mats and props (when used) are provided, so all you have to do is wear non-restrictive clothing and bring yourself along to enjoy your class.

We operate monthly.  Any week you care to join you pay for the number of weeks remaining in the month. If you enjoy our yoga classes we would encourage you to make a standing order of £40 per month (due on the 1st) for the remainder of the year.  There are two free weeks to cater for missed classes or holidays.

We offer personal 1-2-1 tuition at £60 per hour (if you cannot attend a public class regularly) or want a personalised programme.

Please ring Tantro or Ros for a chat, especially if you have any questions or concerns: 07804-235816 or to book your places.

“Ros’ Hi-Ki yoga classes are so much more than merely Indian-flavoured exercise.  I have discovered that true yoga is about establishing a relationship with yourself.  I am so much more confident and comfortable with who I am thanks to her patient guidance and tuition.  I simply cannot imagine what I would do without my weekly class and the inspiration she gives me to be so much more.”

(Mary, Hi-Ki student)

And that’s it, pretty much in a nutshell.  The real tradition of yoga is not merely another form of exercise for flexibility and weight-loss (although it can help), but a way to integrate your body, mind and spirit and form a healthy relationship with your whole self – good, bad and indifferent.  All we ask is that you willingly bring yourself to a class and hold yourself open, with a ‘beginners mind’, to unburden your tired and stressed physical body of the inevitable knots and tensions, to learn to recognise the often subconscious drives and ambitions that rule our daily lives and to know that you can empower yourself to make subtle and consistent changes that promote physical, emotional and mental well-being.  And that’s a realistic and achieveable goal.

Yoga is not about achieving an inverted scorpion posture that might grace the cover of a yoga magazine but week-by-week getting to know how your body naturally wishes to walk, sit, stand and go about it daily tasks with grace and poise, despite what we demand of it.  Of course you can make startling progress if you are prepared to commit even a few minutes of daily home practise and Ros is just the kind of teacher that will inspire you to consider that proposition.