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Hi-Ki Yoga & Shibumi Studios are happy to offer a bespoke range of consultancy and training sessions designed especially to help you in the areas where you need help with your yoga business.  We are more than happy to share our wide and varied knowledge of yoga and running a successful yoga business with any teachers residing more than seven miles from Kidderminster.  Your independent one-stop resource for yoga tuition, photography for yoga teachers and the creation, management and upgrading of websites for yoga teachers.

Improve & Re-inspire your Practise (with world-class experts)

Revitalise your Classes (with original sequences)

Invigorate your Website (or create a new one)


Yoga Masters Rosalind Widdowson & Swami Tantramurti will dedicate the time to help you re-evaluate your classes, personal practise and yoga business.  From: wise counsel (in the Shibumi Meditation Garden), practical help with writing, photography (in the Shibumi Studios) and website content and design, your short stay with us will make all the difference to the way you approach your personal development and how that translates into a sacred experience for your students.  A two or three day stay will allow you to attend:

*  Hi-Ki & Shibumi yoga classes (Tuesdays & Fridays)

*  Shibumi Café (skype satsangs)


*  Create a portfolio of natural-light photography (for use in handouts and on your website)

*  Plan and design an effective upgrade to your existing website (or take the chore and tredipation out of creating one from scratch)

*  Write blogs to provide stimulating content for your website

*  Plan and write your first, or next, e-book


From £250 per day (all inclusive), you may elect to stay at our Kidderminster home, studios and garden and be part of the Shibumi Experience or stay round the corner at our local yoga venue, the Gainsborough House Hotel, Bewdley Hill, Kidderminster