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  • ‘Easy Steps to Aromatherapy’ book

    Posted on November 4, 2013 by in Publishing

    Easy Steps to Aromatherapy (cover)

    ‘Easy Steps to Aromatherapy’

    by Rosalind Widdowson & Swami Tantramurti Saraswati

    Published by: Regency House Publishing 1995    ISBN: 1-57215-080-7

    The Mysterious Incident of the Bathtub in the Night

    The wonderful bath-tub (pictured below) was the trickiest prop to get our hands on.  Ros had sold it some time previously to a friend, but rang her to see if we could get a loan of it.  The friend explained that she’d stuck it in the garden and filled it with Spring bulbs and they’d bedded down for the winter.  “No matter”, says Ros, “we’ll carefully take them out and dig out the soil.” (last thing at night on a cold October evening).  It was too heavy to manhandle and we unfortunately repeatedly set off our neighbour’s exterior front garden lighting every five minutes and it was interrupting their good night’s sleep. They were getting rather vexed that, for an hour or more, we patiently excavated the bath-tub ready for the next day’s shoot.  Two days later we did restore all the bulbs in good order and return the tub and we can only hope that we didn’t wake them up too early or prejudice their growth.  The things we do for our photoshoots.

    Easy Steps to Aromatherapy (Bathtub Delight)

    The art of aromatherapy owes its roots to the ancient Greeks, who were the first to use natural oils to treat their everyday ailments.  This ancient art has been brought up to date with clear concise step-by-step instructions and authoritative advice on the basic skills involved in preparing oils for massage.  The aromatherapy oils are easy to prepare and ahve powerful healing qualities.

    Each chapter deals with treatments for modern day maladies such as stress, fatigue, insomnia and many other of the ills of the modern age inflicts on our bodies and souls.

    Easy Steps to Aromatherapy (cRos & Zoe)

    Easy Steps to Aromatherapy (Ros & Zoe)


    • Introduction:
    • The Roots of Aromatherapy
    • A-Z of Essential Oils
    • Buying, Preparing and Storing Oils
    • Essential Ideas
    • Bath Preparation
    • Golden Rules of Aromatherapy
    • A Step-by-Step Guide to Aromatherapy
    • Invigorating & Stimulating Massage
    • A Revitalising Massage (Feet)
    • Toning & Conditioning Massage (Legs)
    • Relaxing Massage (Neck & Shoulders)
    • Relieving Massage (Back)
    • Soothing Massage (Hands & Arms)
    • Comforting Massage (Abdomen & Pelvis)
    • Strengthening & Regulating Massage (Hair, Head, Face, Neck & Chest)
    • Cleansing & Detoxifying Massage (Complete Body)
    • A-Z of Natural Treatments

    “The language of scent is the sweetest melody of the Soul.”