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  • ‘Easy Steps to Relaxation & Meditation’ book

    Posted on November 6, 2013 by in Publishing

    Easy Steps To Relaxation & Meditation (cover)‘Easy Steps to Relaxation & Meditation’

    Author(s): Rosalind Widdowson & Chrissie Coburn-Krzowska & Swami Tantramurti Saraswati

    Published by: Regency House Publishing 1995 & 2000

    ISBN: 1-84067-10-SX    ISBN: 1-84067-1076

    Easy Steps To Relaxation & Meditation (Relaxing Buddha posture)Leading physicians are at last recognising and recommending the wonderful benefits of meditation.  This change in attitude has led to a demand for simple practical instruction on how to take time out from the hectic pace of day-to-day living.

    ‘Easy Steps to Relaxation & Meditation’ meets that need by teaching the basics of various tried and tested forms of meditation.  They are suitable for absolute beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.  You are invited to embark on a special journey, exploring and discovering your inner landscape and broadening your horizons.

    This step-by-step guide offers techniques from the classic traditions of Zen, Sufism, Buddhism, Yoga and Tantra.  Each chapter is clearly aimed at alleviating certain physical, mental and emotional disharmonies.

    “Meditation is the resting of the body, the opening of the mind, the developing of the relationship with the soul and the uplifting of the spirit.”


    Why Meditate?

    Life Re-evaluation Practise

    Easy-Steps-To-Relaxation-&-Meditation-(seashell-montage)Preparation for Relaxation & Meditation

    Stretching and Relaxing the Body

    Learning how to Let Go

    Easy Steps To Relaxation & Meditation (Moving Meditation)

    Rosalind Widdowson (Lotus Lilly, Moving Meditation)

    (The Lotus Lilly)

    Deep Relaxation

    (Yoga Nidra)


    Swami Tantramurti Saraswati (one-man-band)

    (The Name of God, The Mantra, Kirtan, Humming Bee Breath, Nada Yoga)

    Creating a Still, Calm Centre

    (Standing Practices, Waterfall Meditation, Meditation with the Breath, Moving Meditation, A Taste of Tai Chi Ch’uan)


    Chrissie Coburn-Krzowska trataka (candle gazing) meditation

    (External Practices Using and Object, Candle Meditation – Trataka, ‘The Great Square Has No Corners’ Meditation, Meditation on an Internal Object, Some Possible Reviews, More Possible Reviews, A Few Useful Notes, Things To Do)

    Meditative Walking

    Tong Len Meditation

    Pitfalls and Benefits of Meditation

    Teacher-Student Relationship

    The Final Note

    Recommended Reading