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  • ‘Erotic Massage’ book

    Posted on November 4, 2013 by in Publishing


    ‘Erotic Massage’

    by Rosalind Widdowson & Stephen Marriott

    Published by: Hamlyn 2007  ISBN: 0600615693

    (UK, Brazil, China, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia)

    The Commission

    ‘Erotic Massage’ was another of our Hamyln commisions.  This we pre-shot at our yoga retreat centre at Arley, Worcestershire.  Two local couples were game to strip off and bend about a bit (although they shall remain nameless).

    Red Bull Job

    When it came to the main London shoot at ‘Big Space’ with top photographer, John Davis and a charming set of models, it was just so easy.  We had a detailed pre-shoot so everybody know what and how much we had to shoot in the two days.  The models were patience itself, though we spent much of the time twisting them into knots.  On the morning of the second day, any embarassment long behind this professional crew, the lass with the short dark hair asked me ever so sweetly to get her two cans of Red Bull from the fridge.  As I went to fetch them I wondered if she’d had a heavy night and her flagging energies needed a double shot of caffeine.  But no, to my surprise she placed the chilled cans to her breasts and admired the resultant pretty nipple erections.  As I retreived the cans from a delighted model I did just think, “There are worse jobs!”


    “Erotic Massage is an exciting way to enrich an intimate relationship.  It offers a subtle yet dynamic approach to communicating with someone special.  An ordinary massage performs the useful functions of relaxing muscles and calming an overstretched or fatigued nervous system, but erotic massage goes far beyond this – it can be the key to another’s sexual heart and sensual soul.”


    Discover a whole new world of erotic play with top-to-toe sensual massage. Packed with techniques drawn from Thai, Tantric and Western traditions, the book explores a range of sexually charged movements and manipulations, with some surprising additions and ingenious variations. With massage techniques for every mood, from teasing and tantalizing to stimulating and arousing, or soothing and relaxing you can indulge in a range of luxurious total body sensations. Discover voluptuous new ways to heighten sexual arousal and learn to excite and delight the senses using unusual massage aids. Packed with fun ideas and inventive tips to enhance pleasure, ‘Erotic Massage’ will help you to experience an intensity of pleasure you never even imagined!

    “More than mere sexual preliminary to lovemaking, erotic massage offers you the opportunity to profoundly deepen the intimacy between you and your partner.  Whether you wish to wow a new love interest, move a relationship on to the next level after the initial honeymoon period, or revitalise and renew a mature partnership, erotic massage is, at heart, a revealing process that builds trust and intimacy as it raises the temperature and expands your sexual horizons.  The esoteric techniques of ancient cultures may point the way, but ecstatic union is by no means beyond the wit and capability of compassionate and ardent lovers.”

    Designed to help lovers unleash the dynamic potential of the erogenous zones all over the body, this book explores an array of new ways to heighten sexual arousal. It combines instruction and suggestion with erotic photos and a lush design, for a reading experience equal to the subject matter. Erotic Massage for Lovers explores a range of sexually charged movements and manipulations, with some surprising additions and ingenious variations. There are massage techniques for every mood, from teasing, tantalizing and stimulating to soothing, caressing and relaxing. Packed with fun and inventive ideas to enhance intimacy and enjoyment, this book invites readers to indulge in a range of luxurious, total-body sensations. The book includes tips on slowing it down with subtle tongue tricks and titillating feathering strokes, as well as recommendations for intensifying pleasure using blindfolds, silk and oils.

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction: The art of erotic touch, from titivation to tenderness, using the secret techniques of the ancients as well as thoroughly modern methods.
    • Bare Basics: Sexy showers to prepare the body, plus pampering cleansing routines to soften the skin before applying sensuous warm oils.
    • Taking it Slow: Explore and indulge the erotic palate with subtle tongue tricks and gentle feathering, circling and effleurage strokes.
    • Teasing and Tantalizing: Experiment with blindfolds, silk, feathers, massage wheels and other wooden toys, use good vibrations or discover novel skin sensations from icy and slippery, to warm and sticky.
    • Stimulating and Arousing: For a bit of rough , try invigorating techniques such as percussion, pinching, scrubbing, cupping, kneading or birching.
    • Be My Baby Tonight: Share intimate full body-to-body contact with Thai-style rocking and rolling.
    • Top to Toe: Connect and awaken every part of the body with a complete head to toe massage.
    • Afterglow: Calming and caressing techniques to make bath time special as you unwind with bubbles and water play, hair washing and sensual scalp massage.

    About the Authors

    With a string of published books and television appearances to their credit, Rosalind Widdowson and Steve Marriott (Swami Tantramurti Saraswati) are experts in massage, Tantric sex, yoga and other natural therapies.

    Amazon reviews

    Sensual touch and intimacy (C. Millikan)

    I highly recommend this book if you need to put a little more romance and emotional connection back into your relationship. It is filled with great tasteful pictures and step by step instructions to tell you how to give a great intimate massage. I have been married for seven years and have three kids and this was a great way for me and my husband to relax together and emotionally connect with each other again. It was great to be able to put daily stress be hide us and enjoy each others company. I think this book would be great for any couple looking to be more emotionally connect married or not to get to know what each other likes and becomes more comfortable with each other.