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Forum : Shibumi Café


Guru Sattvananda (Keith ap Owen) Skype satsang at the Shibumi Yoga Centre

Launch of Shibumi Café Yoga Forum

There is a small group of practitioners, spread far and wide, who both share and provoke each other into continuing their work. Their only criteria is originality through personal experience of practice. Originality in the field of Yoga and the spiritually-allied fields is an impossibility, but personal experience is, and is now rare!

“Everybody now quoting everyone else as their authority!”

Up to now the main participants at ‘Shibumi Café’ have been Guru Sattvananda – Keith ap Owen (Sunbury Yoga Society) and his friends and students at the Shibumi Yoga Centre.  These satsangs (fellowship with truth) have taken place nearly every Wednesday or Thursday since February 2013 and have produced 75 hours of truly original discussion based on meditational insights and practise.  Once they are transcribed they will form the basis of ‘threads’ of subject matter that will form this Forum’s on-going archive.

The Shibumi Café Forum is now an open experiment and all comments will be greatfully received, but will be moderated.  The only guidelines for contributions at the moment are that they should be in English and not contain profane language.  We’ll see how we go from there.

In an effort to establish a ‘lingua franca’ (xxx) I shall be posting some crucial words that are often used in any disussion of spirituality (such as meditation & contemplation) that we might at least be sure we are using the words correctly.