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  • Rakhe Rakanahar

    Posted on November 2, 2013 by in Mantra

    Thirty years ago my dear friend Iqbal gave me a cassette tape of this ‘mysterious’ but haunting music.  I often played it during long nights of magazine and book editing.  It was many years before I tracked it down.  It turns out it’s one of the evening prayers from the Sikh religion, all the more remarkable that it’s sung with such grace and angelic enagement by the incomparable Singh Kaur (aka Laura Drew, or Lorellei, 1955–1998).  See if you can follow along with this hypnotic and transporting track (lyrics below).  Our kirtan band, ‘Satsang’, will soon be coming together to practise ‘Rakhe Rakhanahar’ for forthcoming satsangs.


    (Sadhana Mantra to awaken consciousness)

    This is a shabd of protection against all negative forces which move against one’s walk on the path of destiny, both inner and outer.  It cuts like a sword through every opposing vibration, though, word and action.  It is part of the evening prayer of the Sikhs (Rehiras).  Rakhe Rakhan Har was composed by Guru Arjan, the Fifth Guru.

    Rakhay rakhanahaar aap ubaaria-an

    Guru kee pairee paa-I kaaj savaari-an

    Hoaa aap da-iaal manaho na visaari-an

    Saadh janaa kai sang bhavajal taari-an

    Saakat nindak dusht khin maa-eh bidaari-an

    Tis sahib kee tayk Naanak mania maa-h

    Jis simrat sukh ho-I sagalay dookh jaa-eh


    Thou who savest, save us all and take us across,

    Uplifting and giving the excellence

    You gave us the touch of the lotus feet of the Guru, and all our jobs are done.

    You have become merciful, kind and compassionate: and

    So our mind does not forget Thee.

    In the company of the holy beings you take us from

    Misfortunes and calamities, scandals and disrepute,

    Godless, slanderous enemies – you finish them in timelessness.

    That, Great Lord, is my anchor.

    Nanak, keep firm in your mind, by meditating and repeating His Name

    All happiness comes and all sorrows and pain go away.

2 Responses so far.

  1. sally says:

    What heavenly music and you descibe the essence of it so well. Whilst listening to the beautiful sound I felt goosebumps all over me and a overwheming feeling of uplifting calm and peace. I will enjoy practising yoga and meditation to this haunting music. Thankyou for sharing this x

  2. Dharm Kaur says:

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that the artist singing this is not Snatam Kaur. She was of the same high calibre as Snatam, her name was Singh Kaur and she recorded several CD’s before her death in 1998.