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  • Shibumi Yoga Centre – Yoga Explorers Day (241113)

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    Shibumi Yoga Centre – Yoga Explorers Day (241113)

    We love working with small, intimate groups and have elected, during the winter months, to work in our Visitor/Practice room at our Shibumi Yoga Centre rather than in the Shibumi Studios.  Depending on the activity, it is suitable for a group of six to eight and we draw upon various aspects from our yoga practise and experience.  Each day is a varied and eclectic mixture of bodywork, therapy, meditation, breathing, energy work, yoga philosophy, social dining and satsang (fellowship with truth).


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) another of Ros’ meditational masterpieces


    Shibumi Yoga Centre – preparation of the practice room


    Shibumi Yoga Centre – note the exquisite ‘zen’ canvas on the wall – one of Ros’ finest creations.


    Linda – best coat award


    ‘Tantro’ & ‘Salad’

    Partnerwork – Contact Yoga

    Today we reserved some time to work with a marvellous new book, loaned to us by Linda, called Contact Yoga‘ – The Seven Points of Connection & Relationship (by Tara Lynda Guber with Anodea Judith).  It features the special link that can be made through partnerwork.  Initially, because it looked very advanced, Ros thought that it might be difficult to know where to start.  But we broke down four or five of the most beautifully-structured shapes and, with the help of the group, we were able to achieve all those postures.  And it was great fun exploring this five-star book, which we’ll revisit on other occasions.


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) partnerwork 01, Linda & ‘Salad’


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) Partnerwork 02, Rebecca & Karen


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) Partnerwork 03


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) Partnerwork 04


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) Partnerwork 05, Linda, Ros & ‘Salad’


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) Partnerwork 06


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) Partnerwork 07


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) Partnerwork 08


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) Partnerwork 09


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) Partnerwork 10

    Soul Food

    The sharing of food is a very important part of our day, both socially and to sustain our energy for the day.  Everybody looks forward to lunch.  Everything is cooked fresh and, in this instance, had a touch of the Orient.


    Yoga Explorers Day (241113) – Food for Thought

    Full Body Wrapping

    Following up on the Head-Wrapping session we did at the last meeting of this particular Explorer’s group, we moved onto full body wrapping.  This technique was first practised, refined and published in our ‘Easy Steps to Massage’ book, many years ago.  We found it had the most curious effect.  Somewhere between the comfort of ‘swaddling’ (now, I think, an unfashionable idea for babies) and mummification, we demonstrate and contrast the alternate restricting and liberating effects of binding and release.  Up to this point we have had it reported that this is an extremely effective and, for some, powerful relaxation technique.  ‘Salad’ loved it and would have enjoyed further treatment.  Rebecca had a moment or two of claustrophobia but persevered.  Funnily enough, on this occasion, Ros did not enjoy the weight of the blanket (although previously she had loved the sheets).  We’ll have to watch this in the future as we plan further experiments with bandaging!


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) body-wrapping 01


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) body-wrapping 02


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) body-wrapping 03


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) body-wrapping 04


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) body-wrapping 05

    Ganesha Mantra Japa – for Removing Obstacles

    An important theme through our Yoga Explorers Day was the learning and mindful practice of Mantra Japa (repetition and mindfulness) of the Ganesha ‘siddhi’ (power) mantra (mind tool/releaser) that our Centre has been working with the last couple of weeks (for full details see forthcoming post: Ganesha Mantra Japa – for ‘Removing Obstacles’).  We placed our representation of Shri Ganesha (Remover of Obstacles) front and centre and discussed the stories associated with this approachable energy form, the particular use of bija (seed) that make this particular mantra so powerful, and whether the group was happy to proceed.  Linda said she’d been told that if you didn’t have any obstacles to remove, you’d actually attract some in.  We considered that, although I did point out that I hadn’t yet met a human being who didn’t already face obstacles (although I can’t speak for my guru, Paramahansa Satyananda!) and that my friend Guru Sattvananda, president of the Sunbury Yoga Society, would applaud having so much ‘grist to the mill’ to work with.


    Yoga Explorer’s Day (241113) Ganesha – Remover of Obstacles

    (Note:  The presence of this depiction of Shri Ganesha does not imply worship of a Hindu deity, but rather offers us an iconic representation of a particular energy form utilised by yogis and trantrics.)

    Authority & Lineage

    I first received initiation into this form of the powerful siddhi (power) mantra from my gurubai (spiritual brother) Swami Nischalananda Saraswati of Mandala Yoga Ashram, Wales, and by lineal extension from our guru (bringer of light) Paramahansa Satyananda.  The complete version is:  aum shreem hreem kleem glaum gam ganapataye vara varada sarva janamme vashamanaya swaha.  The Ganesha mantra is reputed to bless the sincere practitioner with success and prosperity and, specifically, removes depression, confusion, jealousy, fear and sorrow from one’s consciousness.  Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and, more generally, as Lord of Beginnings, patron of the arts and sciences, and deva of intellect and wisdom.

    Guidelines for Practise

    Sitting in circle, usually cross-legged with spine upright and relaxed, group practise of this mantra is greatly enhanced and established in consciousness.  Eyes may be open or closed, the mantra chanted ucchahi (vocally – effective), upamshu (sub-vocally, soft recitation – more effective), manasikam (within the mind – most effective) and practised in sets of 108 repetitions, one round of  japa mala (prayer beads) taking approximately 15 minutes.  A number of hi-ki/shibumi students are now regularly utilising this mantra and reporting beneficial results in their daily lives (comments and posts to follow).  Should you wish to join our group’s endeavour and establish yourself in a powerful personal practise, please feel free to contact us (by phone, skype, class attendance or at the Centre) for instruction.


    How important is it to pronounce the Ganesha Mantra correctly?

    Well, the rules are not rigid.  An English speaker, not trained in the subtle pronunciations of sanskrit, might sound coarse and clumsy to a proficient speaker of an Indic language, but that needn’t be a deal-breaker for a sincere student.  Although we have transliterated the mantra on the card above into an approximation of the original, the ‘eem’ sound is more correctly somewhere between an ‘m’ and an ‘ng’, sounded nasally. Regular practise with the first bija mantra, ‘aum’ is advised before undertaking more complex and powerful mantras.

    Options for refining pronunciation include: listening to and imitating a recording of a competent and knowledgeable practitioner, learning at least the basic intonations of sanskrit (very useful for the aspiring yogi), taking one-to-one instruction from your guru or yoga teacher (best), or trusting that attunement to the sublime sounds will naturally come about through refined practise that reveals and releases both knowledge and a spiritual energy.  If you are very new to the chanting of sanskrit, then personal transmission from an authoritative source is the best option.


    Swami Tantramurti leading Ganesha Mantra Japa




    Deb’ananda’ paying her respects to Shri Ganesha prior to mantra practise


    Deb’ananda’ with ‘her mate’ Ganesha

3 Responses so far.

  1. tantro says:

    One of the first observations that has come to me since starting the motor of the siddhi Ganesha mantra is this:

    I was engaged in some highly concentrated detailed graphic work when a low-level anxiety about resouces, a maundering over constrained resources, gave way to the realisation that I was not in imminent danger from a physcial threat like someone standing over me with a club, that money energy was merely digital 0s & 1s represented in some banks digital archives and in many ways did not represent other than a societally-agreed convention. Why should I allow a convention (not a whole or spiritual one) cause me anxiety?

    The mantra, itself, seemed rooted in a deeper reality and had literally stripped away an illusion of little import. “Aum Shreem Hreem Kleem Glaum Gam Ganapataye Swaha” the energy hummed.

    I expect further revelations to occur, related to illusiary misconceptions that have infiltrated my consciousness, as I build up further experience and practice of the mantra.

    Do send in your comments and revelations if you are part of the group chanting the mantra with us. You may use a nickname or pseudonym if you wish, so as not to compromise those private thoughts you would normally only share with your guru or in your spiritual diary.

    Blessings and kindest regards, Tantro.

  2. salad says:

    First I would like to thank Ros and Tantro for a successful Explorers Day. These workshops every few weeks are beneficial to me in my development of yoga, partnerwork and an educational and inspirational spiritual journey. The philosphies handed to me from their own knowledge are extremely valuable to me and I respect such teachings.

  3. salad says:

    I would like to comment on the Genesha mantra. Tantro taught this mantra to me personally after confiding in him problems that I was experiencing on a personal level. I have endeavoured to chant this mantra at least 10 times a day, nurturing it with the utmost care and respect.

    Personal rifts and tensions seem to be lifting, making way for a smoothing out of differences. I put this down to the power of this mantra. Deep seated emotions and hurts are freeing themselves from my soul…..getting rid of the poisons that have remained so cemented in my conscioussness.. I have more courage when dealing with tricky situations, but I also feel a sense of acceptance of myself, who i am, and calmer generally in mind and spirit.

    I truly think that this beautiful mantra has been very beneficial and uplifting in my day to day life, enabling more positive energy to enter my soul.