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  • Styling Yoga Outfits – Back To Black

    Posted on September 1, 2013 by in Style


    Once again visiting her extensive wardrobe of outfits for yoga teachers, style-guru Rosalind Widdowson has put together more stunning  looks for Shibumi Studios clients (sizes 6-12).  These dance, pilates and asana outfits should help you to explore your creative spirit.  Yogini Sally Hill kindly again and again has given her time (and learns to wave it all about and tango it up) to showcase a range of looks celebrating Black which is associated with both death and rebirth.  Photography, (and every other useful ancilliary service) and post-production by Swami Tantramurti.

    hi-ki-yoga 3977 B2B outfit 01 A (584x438)

    outfit 01: ‘Black Madonna’, black oversized cheong-sam in stretch-lycra with white piping trim around cap-sleeves and collar, black ‘fisherman’s’ trousers. with black stretch-lycra cummerbund.

    hi-ki-yoga 3735-B2B-outfit-02-(584x438)

    outfit 02: ‘Flamenco Negril’, black stretch-lycra leggings with gold-studded Greek-key design motif, black voile body with gold-embroidery on the bodice.

    hi-ki-yoga 3754-B2B-outfit-03-(584x438)

    outfit 03: ‘Black Swan’, black voile-sequined top short-sleeved with fine lace underbody, black jet-embroidered stretch-lycra leggings, black beaded head band.

    hi-ki-yoga 3781-B2B-outfit-04-(584x438)

    outfit 04: ‘Flapper de Soir’, black gathered tunic top, lace-fronted sequin-embroidered, sleeveless, elongated square-necked, black jet-embroidered stretch-lycra leggings, beaded and piped flower motif  ‘flapper’ headband.

    hi-ki-yoga 3797-B2B-outfit-05-(584x438)

    outfit 05: ‘Black Cat’, black stretch-lycra dress, ruched at thighs and back with scooped neck and padded sleeves cleverly embroidered with silver sequins and black thread, polo-necked with covered buttons, black stretch-lycra leggings studded with diamantes at ankle and lower calf.

    hi-ki-yoga 3820-B2B-outfit-06-(584x438)

    outfit 06: ‘Blackbird’, black stretch-lycra short dress with cut-away voile panels, sleeveless and round-necked with matching black stretch-lycra leggings with see-through voile panels, jet black headband.

    hi-ki-yoga 3839-B2B-outfit-07-(584x438)

    outfit 07: ‘Morte Noir’, black lightweight top, sleeveless, with voile panelling at the upper chest and shoulders, round-necked with all-in-one shorts, black stretch-lycra leggings with outerleg cut-outs, matt-black leatherette belt, black fabric head band with bow detail.

    hi-ki-yoga 3853-B2B-outfit-08-(584x438)

    outfit 08: ‘Black Lotus’, black sleeveless, scooped-neck tee with jet embroidery on the front panels of shoulders and cross-strap with a gathered back, black stretch-lycra leggings with outer leg strip of black sequined panels.

    hi-ki-yoga 3874-B2B-outfit-09-(584x438)

    outfit 09: ‘Midnight Tango’, black lycra tee with ‘fish-tail’ with metalled silver-grey studding with elasticated belt with silver ‘hook & eye’ front, black leggings with silver-studded outer leg details.

    hi-ki-yoga 3900-B2B-outfit-10-(584x438)

    outfit 10: ‘Navajo Noir’, black stretch-cotton dress, round-necked with 3/4 quarter sleeves with small studettes on the sleeves, stretch leatherette belt, leather-look stretch-lycra/polyester/spandex mix leggings with metal-studded tribal designs along outer legs, black velvet headband.

    hi-ki-yoga 3907-B2B-outfit-11-(584x438)

    outfit 11: ‘Black Virgin’, black ‘v’-necked cotton jumpsuit with gathered padded and shoulder-gathered back yoke with side pockets and gathered ankle bands.

    hi-ki-yoga 3922-B2B-outfit-12-(584x438)

    outfit 12: ‘Midnight Rose’, black stretch-lycra sleeveless and ‘v’-necked  jumpsuit gathered at a high waistband, pantalooned legs with gathered anklebands, cerise flower hairband.

    hi-ki-yoga 3941-B2B-outfit-13-(584x438)

    outfit 13: ‘Panthera Negra’, black sleeveless haltered & ‘v’-necked cotton top with rib stitching from neckline to sternum, black linen 3/4-length trousers/pedal-pushers, mixed elements belt and fabric flower hair detail.

    hi-ki-yoga 4018-B2B-outfit-14-(584x438)

    outfit 14: ‘Dusky Shadow’, black sleeveless stretch-cotton/lycra jumpsuit with a deep ‘v’ back, fingerless lace glove embroidred with with jet beads.

    hi-ki-yoga 4044-B2B-outfit-15-(584x438)

    outfit 15: ‘Wild Panther’, stretch-lycra swimming costume with ‘sweetheart’ neck, strapped and sleeveless, leopard-print pattern in slate-grey and black, black footless tights.

    hi-ki-yoga 4077-B2B-outfit-16-(584x438)

    outfit 16: ‘Nights in Black Satin’, black sleeveless straight-legged silk jumpsuit with side pockets and scooped-front neckline, black and white cotton sarong.

    hi-ki-yoga 4104-B2B-outfit-17-(584x438)

    outfit 17: ‘Dark Fox’, faded-black crepe-chenile dress with front pockets with crossover pedal-pusher leggings with slate-grey and black design on outer legs down the seam line.

    hi-ki-yoga 4118-B2B-outfit-18-(584x438)

    outfit 18: ‘Now & Zen’, faded-black tee with slate-grey and taupe ‘lotus & buddha’ mood board motif, black cotton skinny jeans.

    hi-ki-yoga 4138-B2B-outfit-19-(584x438)

    outfit 19: ‘Velvet Touch’, black and white scoop-necked and sleeveless stretch-cotton top with see-through voile back and small ‘fish-tail’ at the back, black-corded velvet leggings.

    hi-ki-yoga 4154-B2B-outfit-20-(584x438)

    outfit 20: ‘Dark Gypsy’, jet-black ‘handkerchief’ gypsy dress with lace-finished round scooped-neck through-strapped sleeves, black stretch-cotton trousers with slitted fronts gathered at the anklebands.

    hi-ki-yoga 4180-B2B-outfit-21-(584x438)

    outfit 21: ‘Libertina’, plain black sleeveless and scoop-necked denim-style stretch-lycra tee-dress with ‘peek-a-boo’ slashed knees revealing lace under-panels.

    hi-ki-yoga 4205-B2B-outfit-22-(584x438)

    outfit 22: ‘Lizard Noir’, black sleeveless  scoop-necked stretch-cotton body-sculpting tight-fit ankle-length cotton-lycra jumpsuit with ‘Elle’ motif.

    hi-ki-yoga 4222-B2B-outfit-23-(584x438)

    outfit 23: ‘Studio Negro’, faded-black sleeveless scoop-necked stretch-cotton-lycra ankle-length jumpsuit, orange-black fabric wired headband.

    hi-ki-yoga 4248-B2B-outfit-24-(584x438)

    outfit 24: ‘Tree of Life’, black stretch-cotton body with brass zip front, original Rosalind Widdowson-designed Tree of Life’ brooch, black stretch-lycra leggings with brass-zipped and studded ankle details, oblong faux-silk scarf with black/coffee/toffee/soft grey patterning and matching headband.

    hi-ki-yoga 4297-B2B-outfit-25-(584x438)

    outfit 25: ‘Free Spirit’, black scoop-armed stretch-lycra body with brass-zipped front, black stretch-lycra leggings, voile sarong in sunshne yellow with slate-grey legend.

    hi-ki-yoga 4861-B2B-outfit-26-(584x438)

    outfit 26: ‘Gwendoline Dark’, long sleeveless and scooped-neck black voile dress with underslip and front panels in mercurial-rust-brown with long matching voile sleeves.

    hi-ki-yoga 4916-B2B-outfit-27-B-(584x438)

    outfit 27: ‘Purple Passion’, black sleeveless ‘ra-ra’-style stretch-lycra dress with four tiers of gathered voile just above the knee with scooped front and back necklines, black stretch-lycra leggings, purple flower hair accessories.

    hi-ki-yoga 4951-B2B-outfit-28-(584x438)

    outfit 28: ‘Morticia’s Revenge’, long black jersey-stretch-lycra dress with low-scooped back, long black satin gloves.

    hi-ki-yoga 4960-B2B-outfit-29-(584x438)

    outfit 29: ‘Night Walker’, long black stretch-lycra dress which sculpts the body beautifully with scooped neck and cut-away arms, long black satin gloves, black felt sequins 1920s skull-cap edged with patent leatherette belt.  (“The dress can be pulled right up to the thighs or waist, and be paired with leggings.”)

    hi-ki-yoga 4361-B2B-outfit-30-(584x438)

    outfit 30: ‘Sunflowers & Shadows’, black scoop-necked stretch-lycra jumpsuit with ‘v’ neck front and back gathered just above the waist.