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Websites for Yoga Teachers


If you’re looking for websites for yoga teachers, you’ve come to the right place.  Shibumi Studios is your independent one-stop resource for beautifully-designed and written contemporary and modern websites for yoga teachers. We know the importance of creating original and stylish content that reflects your individual approach to Yoga, and just how important it can be to get your message just right.  The sites we create are clean and simple with the option of having a blog you can add to yourself on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, to keep all your students up-to-date with your latest news, class times, workshops, new classes, etc.

Maybe you’ve already got a website but it hasn’t been touched for years.  We can help by using the very latest WordPress themes. Your site will be seen perfectly on all devices such as smart phone, ipads, tablets and pcs.  All the content will be written by us to try and obtain the best search results for you in Google.

We will design and create a four or five-page website, including a logo of your name, if needed, with a ‘Welcome’ page, ‘About Us’ page, ‘Classes’ page and ‘Contact’ page, with the option of having a blog on your site for just £300.  You can also add extra pages at just £30 each.  You can add in the specialist yoga photography for just £100 (a two hour shoot and post production at our studio in Kidderminster).

We can also host your website, if needed, and help you with the purchase of domain names, if you haven’t already got one.  In other words we will hold your hand right throughout the process which we will always make as quick and simple as possible. A ( domain name is les than £10 per two years and we will guide you through the purchase, if necessary.  Website hosting is £100 per year.

We will ask you to fill in a simpe form and have a conversation with us over the phone, after which we’ll be able to create a lovely new website for you.  If you need specialist photography for your new website, we can do that too (see our Photography for Yoga Teachers post).

So, if you’re looking for an upgrade or update for your current website, created by people who are empathetic and understanding of the unique challenges facing yogis in the commercial marketplace, give us a call at Shibumi Studios for the best websites for yoga teachers this side of the Himalayas!