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New Year Classes 2019

2019: I thought we’d start the year using colour, shape and texture and pattern.  Normally we’d introduce the use of chakra colours, but I think I will approach it a different way. The mind functions best when it tunes into rhythm and pattern and we will be developing our skills of yoga with a moving meditation based on the creative patterns of classical and contemporary dancemarried with the joy of tai chi and qi gong.  Deep relaxation and mind-free meditation will be woven into every session which will not only uplift us through the winter month but inspire us with a more expansive way of enjoying life.

The key to well-being in life is to learn the art of repacing yourself so that you’re not swept away into stress and strain but, rather, enjoy the thrill of the ride.

So, darlings, we have much to look forward to this year.  Please keep up your home practise – I promise they will pay dividends.

Loving regards, Ros & Tantro.